Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

What teenager in her right mind, blessed with magical witch-like powers, wouldn’t use said powers to clean her room, do her chores, and finish her homework? Sabrina, everybody’s favorite animated teenage witch, was no different.

Flying into our hearts on a broomstick, Sabrina first appeared as an Archie Comics character in 1962, making her Saturday morning debut as part of The Archie Show in 1969. One year later, she starred in half of the hour-long Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies. That show ran for one season before the two components parted ways, forming the separate half hours of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and The Groovie Goolies.

Sabrina, in addition to dealing with normal teenage concerns like boys and school, also had to deal with the uncommon teenage affliction of being a witch. Self-conscious as most teens are, she was more preoccupied with her social life than her magical abilities, and was always hesitant to use her mystical powers on or around her friends. This perpetual cover-up usually resulted in some sort of comical debacle.

Like all teens, she was also slightly embarrassed by her family, which consisted of her aunts and fellow witches Hilda and Zelda, her warlock uncle, Ambrose, and Miss Della, the head witch. Sabrina also had a pet cat, appropriately named Salem.

In the fall of 1977, Sabrina was once again reunited with Archie on The New Archie/Sabrina Hour. That teaming only lasted a couple of months before Sabrina struck out on her own again in Sabrina, Super Witch.

Release History

9/11/71 - 9/1/73 CBS

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Television Cast

Sabrina Jane Webb
Aunt Hilda Jane Webb
Aunt Zelda Jane Webb
Voices Howard Morris
Voices Larry Storch
Voices Larry D. Mann

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