The Secrets of Isis

The Secrets of Isis

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Oh mighty Isis!”

Isis was first introduced to TV audiences in 1975, sharing a bill with the Hercules to her Xena, Shazam! After her run as one half of the Saturday morning series The Shazam/Isis Hour, the dark-haired lovely got her own half-hour TV show in 1977, The Secrets of Isis.

The plot revolved around Andrea Thomas, a beautiful, young high school science teacher with a secret. After discovering an ancient Egyptian amulet, Andrea gained super powers from the Egyptian goddess, Isis. By holding up the amulet and exclaiming, “Oh mighty Isis,” Andrea literally transformed into Isis, complete with super strength, super speed, flight and telekinetic powers.

Looking like a crimefighting Cleopatra in her white tunic, headgear and amulets aplenty, Isis was set on making the world a better and safer place. With the aid of her pet crow, Tut, Isis saved the day while simultaneously teaching home viewers a moral lesson. In typical Clark Kent/Superman, fashion, neither her students Renee and Cindy, nor her co-workers Dr. Barnes and Rick Mason ever made the connection between Andrea and her superhero alter ego.

In 1978, Isis went from live action to cartoon form, appearing on Tarzan and the Super 7, which ran for two seasons.

Release History

9/17/77 - 9/2/78 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Andrea Thomas/Isis Joanna Cameron
Rick Mason Brian Cutler
Renee Carroll
Cindy Lee Joanna Pang
Dr. Barnes Albert Reed

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