The Sylvanian Families

The Sylvanian Families

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Cute, cuddly, and collectible, the Sylvanian Families toy line (Calico Critters in the U.S.) was prime material for Saturday morning. With family names like Puddleford, Meadows, Mulberry, and Babblebrook, the toys evoked a serene, pastoral setting, a spirit carried over to the animated series.

Two times an episode, a troubled young human dreamed him or herself into the Woodkeeper's home, gateway to the Sylvanian Families. The child, shrunk down to critter size, met a different Sylvanian Family—tiny rabbits, bears, mice, frogs, raccoons—assigned to make the tyke’s wish come true. The child usually found the truth on the inside (money can’t buy happiness, divorced parents still love their children, etc.), then traveled back to the world of humans to put learning into practice.

Over the course of thirteen episodes, children were treated to lessons on greed, peer pressure, self-esteem, trust, and more. Sylvanian baddies Packbat and Gatorpossum stirred up some of the trouble, but the real drama in the Sylvanian Forest was always personal.

Release History

1987 syndicated

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Woodkeeper Frank Proctor
Papa Herb Wildwood Len Carlson
Mama Ginger Wildwood Diane Fabian
Rusty Wildwood Noam Zylberman
Holly Wildwood Catherine Gallant
Grandpa Smoky Wildwood John Stocker
Grandma Flora Wildwood Diane Fabian
Mama Honeysuckle Evergreen Jeri Craden
Papa Ernest Evergreen Thick Wilson
Grandma Primrose Evergreen Ellen-Ray Hennessy
Preston Evergreen Michael Fantini
Papa Slick Slysdale Brian Belfry
Mama Velveter Slysdale Diane Fabian
Buster Slysdale Jeremiah McCann
Scarlette Slysdale Lisa Coristine
Packbat Len Carlson
Gatorpossum John Stocker
Voice Chuck Shamata

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