Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Though no relation to that other spider superhero, Spider-Woman was also a creation of Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee.

Like her male counterpart, Jessica Drew began her career as a superhero after an unfortunate incident involving an arachnid. As a child, Jessica was bitten by a spider in the lab of her father, Dr. Alexander. When the concerned doctor gave his daughter a healing serum, she soon developed side effects...

Jessica grew up to become the editor of Justice magazine, but with her abilities to shoot webs, fly, deliver laser-like venom blasts, and hear super-sensitively, she was also a pretty good crime fighter. Justice photographer Jeff Hunt and Jessica's nephew Billy had no idea that she was the famous superhero, even though she often bailed them out of trouble in her masked alter ego.

The voice of Spider-Woman was provided by Joan Van Ark, who was also the voice of Webwoman from the Tarzan and the Super 7 show, and later a costar on Knots Landing.

The show was the last for the David DePatie-Fritz Freleng team.

Release History

9/22/79 - 3/1/80 ABC

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio


Television Cast

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman Joan Van Ark
Jeff Hunt Bruce Miller
Billy Drew Bryan Scott

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