The Shazam/Isis Hour

The Shazam/Isis Hour

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

One season after his solo debut in Shazam!, Captain Marvel was teamed up with another live-action superhero, the lovely Isis, for this popular live-action show.

The Shazam! segments followed teenager Billy Batson and his superhero alter ego, Captain Marvel, comic book and movie serial stars since the late 1930's. The title was actually an acronym for the Greek gods Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, all of whom endowed Billy with his super powers of flight, speed, and strength, and with whom Billy would discuss various dilemmas.

Each week, Billy and his elderly friend and advisor, the aptly-named Mentor, drove around in a van, taking the law into their own hands and making the world a better place.

When trouble was nigh, a light flashed on the dashboard of the vehicle, and the gods would appear to Billy to discuss the situation. When Billy exclaimed “Shazam!,” he was instantly transformed into the crimefighting superhero Captain Marvel, complete with cape, red tights, and a yellow bolt of lightning across his chest.

After righting whatever was wrong, Captain Marvel returned to his normal teenage form, at which point he and Mentor would discuss the moral and/or ethical lesson they had learned.

The Isis segments featured high school teacher Andrea Thomas, who discovered an ancient Egyptian amulet while on an archaeological expedition. Through the amulet, Andrea was given super strength, super speed, the power of flight, and a form of telekinesis. Like Billy Batson before her, Andrea literally transformed into a new superhero, the inimitable Isis. Also like her male counterpart, the heroine received her powers from an ancient legendary source, the Egyptian goddess Isis, by intoning the magic words, "Oh mighty Isis!"

Andrea used these newfound powers to right wrongs and defend the helpless and downtrodden. Joining her on the show were pet crow Tut, fellow teacher Rick Mason, and students Renee Carroll and Cindy Lee. Somehow, the other humans never managed to figure out her secret identity.

After two seasons together, the heroes parted ways. Isis continued to fight evil under the new title The Secrets of Isis from 1977-78. Both heroes later returned to Saturday morning in animated form, Isis as part of Tarzan and the Super 7 and Captain Marvel as half of The Kid Super Power Hour With Shazam.

Release History

9/6/75 - 9/3/77 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Billy Batson Michael Gray
Mentor Les Tremayne
Captain Marvel John Davey
Andrea Thomas/Isis Joanna Cameron
Rick Mason Brian Cutler
Renee Carroll
Cindy Lee Joanna Pang
Dr. Barnes Albert Reed

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