Susan's Show

Susan's Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The modes of transportation were different, but the ideas were essentially the same. Like Alice and Dorothy before her, Susan was a young and curious girl who, by way of a magic chair in her kitchen, traveled to the mystical land of Wonderville with her loyal terrier Rusty by her side.

In this magical world, Susan encountered a host of imaginative creatures, including a talking stove and the Foolish Forest Orchestra, whose puppet band members included violinist Wolfgang the bear, flautist Gregory the bunny, and conductor Caesar the penguin. Also in Wonderville was the Cartoon-a-Machine, which would spew out old Terrytoons when it was operated by the reticent troll Mr. Pegasus.

The show's host, Susan Heinkel, was a twelve-year-old girl who was discovered at the age of three in a St. Louis Christmas pageant. Each week, she would perform on a stage full of oversized props designed to make her look smaller.

Originally titled Susie’s Show, the program appeared on local Chicago TV before being picked up by CBS a year later and going through a maturing title change to Susan’s Show.

Though Dorothy returned to Kansas and Alice went on to peer through the Looking Glass, Heinkel simply went to high school when her adventure days were over.

Release History

5/4/57 - 1/18/58 CBS

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Television Cast

Susan Susan Heinkel
Caesar P. Penguin John Coughlin
Rusty Himself

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