Saturday Supercade

Saturday Supercade

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

So, you need your video game fix but don’t have a quarter? Just tune in to Saturday Supercade, a successful reinvention of video arcade favorites in the form of cartoon characters.

Most people dream of running away to join the circus, but not so for Donkey Kong, voiced by the one-of-a-kind Soupy Sales. This lovable ape ran away from the circus, only to be pursued by Mario and his niece Pauline, who was Kong's prisoner in the original game.

The second segment featured Donkey Kong Jr., who roamed around looking for his lost dad with the help of his buddy, Bones.

Q*Bert, that adorable, long-nosed orange creature, also had his own segment, complete with girlfriend Q*Tee, enemy Coilee Snake, and Coilee's sidekicks Viper, Ugh, and Wrong Way.

Frogger featured the title character with two new mates, Fanny Frog and Shelly Turtle, all reporters for the Swampy Gazette.

Pitfall Harry starred Harry, his niece Rhoda, and his cowardly mountain lion Quick Claws, exploring various lands for hidden treasure.

In 1984, it was "Game Over" for Frogger and Pitfall Harry. They were replaced by the newer Space Ace, the story of astro-hero Space Ace and his girlfriend, Kimberly, versus the evil Commander Borf; and Kangaroo, which featured Katy, Sidney, and Joey, who lived in a zoo terrorized by the mischievous Monkey Biz Gang.

The new segments weren't enough to spare Saturday Supercade from the unexpected video game market crash of 1984, and the show was cancelled after the 84-85 season. Four years later, Mario made a comeback with brother Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show.

Release History

9/17/83 - 8/24/85 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Donkey Kong Soupy Sales
Donkey Kong Jr.* Frank Welker
Q*Dad Frank Welker
Coilee Frank Welker
Snake Frank Welker
Ugg Frank Welker
Wrongway Frank Welker
Monkey Frank Welker
Biz Gang Frank Welker
Mario Peter Cullen
Pauline Judy Strangis
Bones Bart Braverman
Q*Bert Billy Bowles
Q*Teel Robbie Lee
Q*Val Robbie Lee
Q*Bertha Julie McWhrter Dees
Q*Mom Julie McWhrter Dees
Viper Julie McWhrter Dees
Frogger Bob Sarlatte
Fanny Frog B.J. Ward
Shellshock Turtle Marvin Kaplan
Idney Marvin Kaplan
Tex Ted Field Sr.
Mac Alan Dinehart
Pitfall Harry Robert Ridgely
Rhonda Noelle North
Quick Claws Ken Mars
Space Ace Jim Piper
Kimberly Nancy Cartwright
Space Marshall Vaughn Peter Renaday
Commander Borf Arthur Burghardt
Mr. Friendly Arthur Burghardt
Katy Mea Martineau
Joey David Mendenhall

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