The Super Six

The Super Six

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Despite the deceptive title, there were really only five members of this superhero band: Elevator Man, Granite Man, Magnet Man, Super Scuba and Captain Zammo. The mysterious sixth member, Super Stretch, was dropped before the show went to air, and Super Five just wasn't as catchy.

The five stars all worked for Super Services Inc., which rented out their heroism at a reasonable price. Each member of the group starred in his own adventure, showcasing his respective abilities in spectacularly oddball and comic fashion.

The Super Six also contained a pair of supporting segments. The first starred Super Bwoing, a character who did little to earn the title “super,” spending most of his time playing guitar. The second segment featured the Brothers Matzoriley, a nutty pair of Irish-Jewish siblings.

The wacky hijinks of The Super Six were similar to Ralph Bakshi's concurrent superhero cartoon, The Mighty Heroes, but the kryptonite that finally did these heroes in was of the flying rodent variety, as CBS' Mighty Mouse Playhouse proved too powerful for our super sixsome to overcome. The show ran for three seasons, but the last two were composed strictly of reruns.

Release History

9/10/66 - 9/6/69 NBC

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Television Cast

Magnet Man Daws Butler
Matzoriley Brother Daws Butler
Captain Zammo Paul Frees
Other Matzoriley Brother Paul Frees
Elevator Man Paul Stewart
Super Scuba Arte Johnson
Granite Man Lynn Johnson
Super Bwoing Charles Smith

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