Sky Dancers

Sky Dancers

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Touted as "action figures for girls," Sky Dancers had all of Barbie’s good looks, but with ripcord-fueled, high-flying action. With one solid tug on the ripcord, the ballerina toys launched into the atmosphere, twirling back down on helicopter-like wings.

In the animated series that followed, the Sky Dancers were dance students Jade, Breeze, Angelica, Slam, and Camille, ordinary teens recruited by Dame Skyla, Queen of the Wingdom. With the Wingdom under attack from the green-skinned meanie SkyClone, Dame Skyla needed a force of protectors. Through the power of her Sky Swirl Stone, Skyla transformed the teens into Sky Dancers, winged warriors capable of fighting off SkyClone and his minions.

The teens continued their dance academy studies, changing into Sky Dancers only when it was necessary. The Dancers had to stay on constant guard, because the cruel SkyClone wasn’t just after the Sky Swirl Stone; he was out to clip the Sky Dancers’ wings.

The syndicated Sky Dancers was produced at the height of the toy line’s popularity, when Christmas buying frenzies and McDonald’s tie-ins made the future a bright one. Unfortunately, the fad went the way of Teddy Ruxpin and Tickle Me Elmo, and the Sky Dancers cartoon left the air after a single season.

Release History

1996 syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Abrams Gentile, Gaumont

Television Cast

Voices T.J. Benjamin
Voices Andrea Burns
Voices Thomas Cannizaro
Voices Donna Daley
Voices Jonathan Khan
Voices Ciarrai Ni Mhaiile
Voices James Michael
Voices K.C. Noel

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