The Shari Lewis Show

The Shari Lewis Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Shari Lewis was a popular puppeteer on the local New York television variety show circuit before NBC introduced her to the rest of the world. Her series, like many children’s shows of the time, taught kids valuable lessons while simultaneously entertaining them and warming their hearts.

The popularity of the show came partly from the appeal of Shari’s puppets—Hush Puppy, Charlie Horse, and of course the beloved Lamb Chop. But Shari herself had a certain appeal as well, for both kids and adults perceived her as a cute, bubbly, and very non-threatening lady.

Lewis, one of the few female puppeteers to have her own show, was not only an adept ventriloquist, but was also able to imbue her puppets with a truly lovable quality that kids found irresistible. Eventually, she went on to win twelve Emmys and the prestigious Peabody award for her work in children's programming.

Other guests on the show were her large dog, Jump Pup, and her next-door neighbor, Mr. Goodfellow.

Lewis would return to TV in the 70’s with The Shari Show, and again in the 90's with the very successful Lamb Chop's Play-Along and The Charlie Horse Music Pizza.

Release History

10/1/60 - 9/28/63 NBC

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TV Studio

Art Greenfiels Co., Pete Rodger Org.

Television Cast

Shari Lewis Herself
Lambchop Shari Lewis
Hush Puppy Shari Lewis
Charlie Horse Shari Lewis
Mr. Goodfellow Ronald Radd
Jump Pup Jackie Warner
Various Clive Russell

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