Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Spider-Man, Spider-Man, radioactive Spider-Man…”

Marvel Comics’ most popular character returned for yet another set of animated adventures in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. The web-slinging wallcrawler had previously appeared in two Saturday morning series, a string of live-action made-for-TV films, and in “The Adventures of Spidey” segments on The Electric Company. Spider-Man: The Animated Series was designed to appeal to a slightly older audience than some of the earlier incarnations, throwing in plenty of super-powered action, a little romance, and often complex plots.

The background: At a science demonstration, geeky student Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had fallen into the path of radiation. The radioactive venom gave Peter several spider-like abilities—super strength and agility, the ability to cling to walls and ceilings, and a special “Spider Sense” that warned him of danger (Note: real spiders do not have this sense). With his intellectual know-how, Peter was also able to develop a set of “web-shooters,” wrist-mounted devices that sprayed out thick webs or thin lines of highly durable “web fluid.”

At first, Peter used his powers for fame, donning a red and blue suit and taking the alias “Spider-Man.” But in his arrogance, Peter refused to lend a helping hand to a cop who was trying to stop a thief. Later, that same thief broke into the home of Peter’s legal guardians—his elderly Aunt May and Uncle Ben—and shot his uncle. When Peter caught the crook, he learned a life-changing lesson: “With great power comes great responsibility.” From that point on, Spider-Man dedicated his powers to fighting crime, swinging through the city on his web-vines and doling out justice (and a witty punchline) wherever it was needed.

Regular Spider-Man villains like Doctor Octopus, The Lizard, The Rhino, Mysterio, and others all made their obligatory appearances, but this show focused primarily on storylines adapted (and often significantly changed) from the Spider-Man comics of the 80’s and early 90’s. Thus, the wildly popular Venom made his first cartoon appearance (with an altered origin), Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson got married (or did they…?), and in the final season, the show revamped the infamous “clone” saga, giving it a happier ending.

This wasn’t a show for the very young, the easily confused, or the infrequent viewer. Stories covered complete seasons, and some points brought up in season two might not be resolved until season four or five. And in a surprising post-modern twist, the final episode featured a meeting between Spider-Man and his real-life creator, Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee. The flashy super-villains and comic book dialogue were still there, but this wasn’t the same Spider-Man we’d been seeing on television since 1967.

Whatever risks Marvel may have taken in putting this new Spider-Man on the air, they were richly rewarded. Spider-Man: The Animated Series was a monster hit for Fox Kids, running five seasons of original episodes before passing into reruns. The show finally left the network in 1999, but the hero lived on in the all-new Spider-Man Unlimited, which debuted later that year.

Release History

11/19/94 - 9/17/99 Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Marvel, New World, Saban, Graz

Television Cast

Spider-Man/Peter Parker Christopher Daniel Barnes
J. Jonah Jameson Edward Asner
Aunt May Linda Gary
Felicia Hardy Jennifer Hale
Mary Jane Watson Saratoga Ballaintine
Flash Thompson Patrick Labyorteaux
Agent #1 Rachel Davies
Alisa Silver Leigh Baker Bailey
Alistair Smythe Maxwell Caulfield
Anastasia Hardy Dimitrra Arlys
Angela Anne-Marie Johnson
Anna Watson Majel Barrett
Armor-Spidey Christopher Daniel Barnes
Arthur Avis/Young Vulture Alan Johnson
Beast George Buza
Beyonder Earl Boen
Black Cat/Felicia Hardy Jennifer Hale
Black Marvel/Omar Mosley Paul Winfield
Blade T.D.Hall
Bruce Huntington David Hayter
Calypso/Dr. Mariah Crawford Susan Beaubian
Captain America David Hayter
Carnage/Cletus Kasady Scott Cleverdon
The Cat/John Hardesky John Phillip Law
Child Silvermane Cannon Young
Clay Marks Don Gene Reed
Cyclops Norm Spenser
Daredevil/Matt Murdock Edward Laurence Albert
Debra Whitman Liz Georges
Destroyer/Keene Marlowe Roy Dotrice
Dr. Ashley Kafka Barbara Goodson
Dr. Curt Connors Joe Campanella
Dr. Doom Thomas Kane
Dr. Farley Stillwell Michael Rye
Dr. Groitzick Nick Jameson
Dr. Mariah Crawford Susan Beaubian
Doctor Octopus Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.
Dr. Silvia Lopez Wanda De Jesus
Doctor Strange John Vernon
Dormammu Edmund Gilbert
Eddie Brock/Venom Hank Azaria
Electro/Rhindolt Kragov Phil Proctor
Gambit Chris Potter
Gecko Roger Kern
Genevieve Laurie O'Brien
Gila Kathy Garver
Glory Grant Nell Carter
Green Goblin/Norman Osborn Neil Ross
Gwen Stacey Mary Kay Bergan
Hammerhead Nicky Blair
Harry Osborn Gary Imhoff
Henry Rodney Saulsberry
Hobgoblin Mark Hamill
Human Torch Quinton Flynn
HydroMan Rob Paulsen
Iceberg Lawrence A. Mandley
Illyena Edie Murman
Invisible Woman Gail Matthius
Iron Man/Tony Stark Robert Hays
Jacson Weele Michael Des Barres
Jason Phillips Mark Hamill
Jean Grey Catherine Disher
Jimmy Dugan Frankie Crocker
Joe 'Robbie' Robertson Rodney Saulsberry
Joey Nails Stanley Ralph Ross
John Jameson Micheal Horton
Jubilee Alyson Court
Kingpin Roscoe Lee Brown
Kraven Greg Berger
Landon David Warner
Lewald Joseph Ruskin
Liz Allen Marla Jeanette Rubinoff
Madame Web Joan B. Lee
Man-Spider Jim Cummings
Margaret Conners Giselle Achegar
Margaret Conners Giselle Loren
Maria Taina Elizando Stephanie Eustace
Martha Robertson Iona Morris
Mary Jane's Father Edmund Gilbert
Michael Pingree Scott Cleverdon
Microchip Robert Axelrod
Miles Warren Jonathan Harris
Miranda Wilson Beverly Garland
Miriam Nichelle Nichols
Miss America Kathy Garver
Monitor Rodney Saulsberry
Morbius Nick James
Mordo Tony Jay
Mousie Anne-Marie Johnson
Mr. Fantastic Cam Clarke
Mrs. Farrell Telma Hopkins
Mrs. Hardy Rue McClanahan
Mysterio Gregg Berger
Ned Leeds Bob Bergen
Newscaster John Beard
Nick Fury Jack Angel
Nick Fury Philip Abbott
Nora Lois Nettleton
Norman Osborn Neil Ross
Octo-Spidey Christopher Daniel Barnes
Powerless Spidey Christopher Daniel Barnes
Professor Xavier Cedric Smith
Prowler/Hobie Brown Tim Russ
Punisher John Beck
Randy Robertson Alfonso Ribeiro
Red Skull Earl Boen
Rhino Don Stark
Richard Fisk Nick Jameson
Rocket Racer/Robert Farrell William 'Pop' Attmore II
Rogue Lenore Zann
Sarah Baker Sandra Bernhard
Scarlet Spider/Ben Reilly Christoper Daniel Barnes
The Scorpion Martin Landau
Shocker Jim Cummings
Silver Sable Mira Furlan
Silvermane Jeff Corey
Six-armed Spidey Christopher Daniel Barnes
Spencer Smythe Edward Mulhare
Spider-Carnage Christopher Daniel Barnes
The Spot/Dr. Jonathan Ohn Oliver Muirhead
Stan Lee Himself
Storm Alison Sealy Smith
Susan Choi Amy Mill
Terri Lee Dawnn Lewis
The Thing Pat Pinney
Thunderer Hansford Rowe
Tombstone Dorian Harewood
Uncle Ben Brian Keith
Vanessa Fisk Caroline Goddall
Vulture/Adrian Toomes Eddie Albert
War Machine/Jim Rhodes James Avery
Wardell Stromm Philip Abbott
Whistler Malcolm McDowell
Whizzer/Bob Frank Walter Edmiston
Wolverine Cal Dodd
Wong George Takei
Young boy Silvermane Matthew McCurley
Young Peter Warren Sroka
Young/Middle-aged Silvermane Townsend Coleman

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