Sweatshirt dress

Sweatshirt dress

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During the über-cool 80's, jeans replaced the tuxedo pant as acceptable dress for formal occasions, and sweatshirts turned sassy when elongated, shoulder-padded, and made into the form of a dress. The obsession with the sweatshirt started with the off-the-shoulder Flashdance style, and once the most comfortable and sexy thing to come to fleece was slipped on, it was impossible to slip off. So the sweatshirt tried on a new look, tossing aside the previous ‘gym only’ status.

The sweatshirt dress became trés chic when dressed up in pastel colors. Whether off the shoulder or backless, the look made the casual cloth sexy. The back was cut out in deep ‘V’ or ‘U’ shapes, and the ‘hem’ circled tight at the knees in a hobble skirt design. When paired with lacy ankle socks, pink pumps, a hip belt and strands of colored beads, you were the ultimate in 80’s fashion.

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