Squares / Peggy Sues

Squares / Peggy Sues

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Don't be such an L7...

Long before the beats were calling everybody squares, rebellious teens had already pointed the finger at the good kids. Squares were the kids who did their homework, mowed the lawn on Saturdays, respected their elders, and were most uncool.

Like father, like son (think Wally Cleaver). In his squeaky clean version of Dad’s wardrobe, the square represented all that was right with suburbia. As Levittown mirrored the conformity of the suburban homeowner, the square teenager was a reflection of his conservative parents.

Dubbed the 'Ivy League look' because of its conservative college preparatory influence, the square boy’s style consisted of neatly-pressed chinos, button-front plaid shirts, cardigan sweaters or argyle sweater vests and socks, and penny loafers or bucks. The hair was neatly trimmed and side parted with just a little dab of Brylcreem, or cut in a severe flat top or crew cut. Good grades, good manners, neat hair and conservative clothes guaranteed you an idyllic life just like good old Dad, with a dutiful wife by your side.

The female versions of the square, Peggy Sues were good girls. They took home economic classes and learned how to be a good housewife and homemaker. With their sweater sets, full circle skirts, and ever-present pearls, these ladies eagerly waited to sport their dreamboats’ letterman’s sweater around their shoulders. Their hair was pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a scarf, or neatly tamed into the curly poodle cut. The wildest they got was dancing in their socks at the sock hop, and they saved necking for their steady. Gee, whiz…

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