Slap bracelets

Slap bracelets

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A little day-glo fun for the masochist in all of us, slap bracelets were part of the ever-growing fascination with neon plastics and their role as cool accessories. The novelty of the slap bracelet was its ability to curl upon itself when smacked against a curved object. By slapping the thin band of colorful plastic around your wrist, the resistance sent the plastic curling against your wrist. Perfecting the curl took practice—the title of coolest went to the person who could master the one-handed, one-try slap.

Slap bracelets were adopted by the ‘return to childhood’ rave scene of the 90’s. Covered in trendy animal prints or flirty feathers, these slaps let a whole new generation of kids drive their teachers crazy as they slapped and peeled off, slapped and peeled off, slapped and…

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