Satin jackets

Satin jackets

Fashion Synopsis

Pinky Tuscadero, watch out! Satin jackets were back from their 50’s sock-hop days, and looked better than ever. In the 70’s, everybody slipped into the super-silky style of a satin sports jacket with their name embroidered on the front, and hopefully a super-groovy iron-on decal on the back.

The 50’s love of athleticism returned in the 70’s, and the satin jacket was the MVP. With stripes and ribs on the collar, cuffs and bottom, and with a snap front, the satin jacket shone in a world of denim and leather. Nothing looked better with a pair of Jordache jeans and a gold cross necklace.

Sneakers, tube socks, baseball caps and jerseys were a fine start, but the athletic obsession of the 70’s really got dressed up in satins. And when the 80's rolled around, you'd better believe Menudo was looking sexy in satin.

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