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Lemon juice in a bottle.

When a bottle of blonde dye was too permanent a step (or was forbidden by parents), Sun-In spray-in hair lightener offered a quick fix for summer highlights. Girls hoped for Madonna’s sex kitten tresses, and boys wanted Spicoli’s radical surfer locks. Sun-In gave you hope that this summer, you would be cool.

Sun-In's lemony freshness hit the store shelf in the mid-80’s, ready to save the highlight-impaired from a life of dull, lackluster hair. A quick spritz and an afternoon sunning at the waterpark transformed dull, mousy hair into a halo of gorgeous blonde streaks. Sun-In’s special formula accelerated the sun’s natural lightening ability: the more you spritzed, the lighter the highlights.

Girls and boys dumped bottles of Sun-In (much more than the recommended daily allowance!) into their hair, hoping for a miraculous transformation. Being a poseur was never so easy.

Buyer beware: those without natural light locks found their brunette hair turn an unsightly orange shade, giving them carrot-colored stripes instead of seductive blonde wisps. Instead of Madonna and Spicoli, you looked like a Raggedy Ann and Andy. Only a trip to the barber or hair salon could fix that!

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