Skidz / Zubaz

Skidz / Zubaz

Fashion Synopsis

Ever wonder what would happen if a rainbow exploded on a pair of pants? Wonder no longer with Spin-Art turned fashion statement, Skidz and Zubaz pants.

Happy pants, muscle pants…these bright, clown-style pants were something like patterned MC Hammer pants. The whole late 80’s ‘pump you up’ fanaticism created a whole new wardrobe for musclebound men, and Skidz and Zubaz were two of the hottest name brands (in a crowd of countless imitators).

Bold and baggy pants made for gym enthusiasts, Zubaz featured elasticized waists and ankles, while Skidz had drawstring waists. Both were cut loose through the waist and thighs, and the leg tapered down to a slimmer fit at the ankle. They came in all sorts of outrageous colors and patterns, from zebra stripes to Picasso-esque patterns to total geometric confusion.

The pants were popularized by weightlifters, who finally found a pair of pants that fit over their thunderous thighs. Zuba means ‘in your face,’ and that's what these pants were. No one could miss a man in Zubaz coming down the street: if their bulging biceps didn't get your attention, their pants did. Just don't dare laugh, or they could squeeze your head with two fingers.

The bold style caught on with kids who wanted to look cool, and at a time when WWF superstars like Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior were making news with their rock-hard bods and bad attitudes, Skidz/Zubaz were a perfect fit. The bigger, the brighter, the better and badder. And they could greatly improve your pumpitude.

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