Slouch socks

Slouch socks

Fashion Synopsis

Wow! These super-sized socks with the ultra-plush ribbed tops were acceptable only when pushed, scrunched, or ‘slouched’ down from their original mid-calf height to their completely compressed ankle height. An evolution of the bulky legwarmer, the slouch sock was the only sock to wear with L.A. Gear or Reebok fashion colored hi-tops and ankle zip Gitano jeans.

What started out as white exploded into rainbows of colors, and before long, one color just wasn’t enough for slouch socks. The ‘double up’ trend in 80's fashion—double Izod shirts, double dress shirts—came to socks as well. Layering a second pair of different colored socks over the first pair guaranteed you a ticket on the train-ride to cooldom.

The ultra-cool even wore two different colors of hi-tops (Converse only, please) to coordinate with their alternating sock colors. The sassy tongued Punky Brewster brought this look to the younger set, and the slouch sock became the biggest footwear phenomenon since the pom-pom anklet.

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