Skinny ties (80's)

Skinny ties (80's)

Fashion Synopsis

Ties evolve with the times, and there was nowhere else for ties to go after the extreme width and bold patterns of the 70’s. Ties became absurdly skinny in the 80’s, monochromatic in color, bold in lamé and leather, and worn by both boys and girls.

The skinny tie was a fashion statement favored by fringe groups like the new romantics. Conservative teenagers passed on ties altogether, preferring the t-shirt look with suits popularized by the Miami Vice trend.

Pop icons Devo and Gary Numan of “Cars” fame paired pastel-colored shirts with thin black leather ties under vintage sharkskin sportcoats. Duran Duran preferred pastel suits and ties, or military-influenced square knot ties with rolled sleeve shirts.

The bolo tie, which is not a tie in the conventional sensem, made a standout performance later in the decade—ties just couldn’t get any skinnier than this string of leather.

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