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“Cross between an overall and shorts…so smart and young-looking, it’s first choice with the young crowd everywhere.”

Sears’ words, not ours, but we can’t help but to agree that the one-piece shortall was a handy playwear wardrobe. Back in the good old days when kids changed from their school clothes into play clothes, the shortall was a quick, one-step dressing process. Cool enough to romp around in the carefree afternoons, and easy enough to slip into that not a single second is wasted getting out that door to play after school, the shortall was a snappy, functional playsuit.

Whether you were short or tall, the shortall fitted perfectly. The suit came in many variations for both boys and girls: tank versions, short or long sleeved, cuffed shorts or elasticized legs for the youngest tykes. Playwear had to consist of rugged fabrics, durable construction, and ease of dress—this little all-in-one wonder kept the kids clean and cute.

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