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Is it a skirt, or is it shorts? The ingenious skort offered the best of both worlds: the casualness of shorts, plus the femininity of a skirt.

The 60’s ultra-mini dress skort saved the modesty of many girls with the addition of built-in shorts. Finally you could bend over and adjust your go-go boots with confidence: the only thing you would flash was the psychedelic designs of your shorts.

In the 70’s, the skort was dubbed the ‘pant skirt’ and evolved into a mini-wrap skirt with imperceptible shorts underneath. The following decade’s affection for floral print jumpers brought another variation with very short but very wide shorts that looked exactly like a dress, with the exception of a crotch seam.

Skorts became very sexy in the 90’s with another variation of the 60’s ultra-mini skirt with underlying shorts. No longer would the wind catch you off guard—but then again, Marilyn Monroe’s infamous photograph from The Seven Year Itch might not have created such a stir if she had worn a skort.

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