Side ponytails

Side ponytails

Fashion Synopsis

Even if you were eighty years old, this style could make you look ten all over again. Suzanne Somers, Chrissy Snow from the hit 70’s show Three’s Company, popularized the buoyant, bouncing ponytail for kids as well as adults.

But this was no sweet, ribbon-tied ponytail like those bobby soxers wore. Brushed all to one side, or center-parted and high on the head, the side ponytail shouted spunk. This was the style of Punky Brewster, Red from Fraggle Rock—wild women shrouded in innocence. Bouncing from the side like giant, floppy ears, side ponytails were dangerous and could blind someone when whipped around carelessly. Thankfully, the vocabulary-challenged Valley girls tamed their wicked ponytails with a corded headband. Fer sure!

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