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If jeans, cords and Toughskins were pants, what were slacks?

Slacks became a 70’s phenomenon right about the time polyester took over the fashion industry. Usually a simple pair of pants in double-knit polyester with elastic waistband and no pockets, slacks were embraced by young and old alike. The casual comfort of the pants imposters made slacks a favorite unisex fashion that pleased the whole family.

While not the height of fashion, slacks were like a comfy t-shirt, something you could slip into at a moment’s notice and know that you were ready for anything. An alternative to jeans, slacks hugged the body in that special way only stretch polyester can.

The giving elastic waistband was perfect for the all-too-frequent growth spurts of childhood. The tough and rugged double-knit polyester design guaranteed endless hours crawling around on knees without destroying the slacks, and the bold kaleidoscope plaid patterns defied grass stains to show. Just don’t get caught in a fire, as your beloved slacks would melt right onto you.

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