Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Six young dinosaurs shared stories and adventures in Dinobabies,a family-friendly educational cartoon. By acting out classic tales, the dinos learned valuable moral lessons, which hopefully the kids at home picked up as well.

The group’s unofficial leader and chief storyteller was Truman, a bespectacled blue braniac with a tuft of orange hair. Headstrong purple dino LaBrea (the only female Dinobaby) often challenged Truman’s authority, but she was a good friend at heart. Spotted danger-seeker Stanley, nervous Franklin, diaper-wearing daredevil Marshall (Franklin’s little brother) and attention-starved pterodactyl Dak rounded out the group.

In each episode, the Dinobabies put their own imaginative spin on a classic tale, from “Dak and the Beanstalk” to “The Abominable Snowbaby.” As fun as these flights of fancy were, they always had something important to say about the dinos themselves and the world around them.

Originally produced in 1994, Dinobabies found a welcome home on many international stations, but the show had little luck getting noticed in the United States. Like all Dinobabies stories, however, this one had a happy ending. In 1996, the series was syndicated across the country, bringing 26 episodes of laughs and learning to dino-lovers everywhere.

Release History

1996 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Fred Wolf Films, Shanghai Morning Sun

Television Cast

Truman Kathleen Barr
Franklin Sarah Strange
Voices Sam Khouth

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