Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Junior high school is hard enough for most people as it is. Imagine, in addition to all the other changes you experience during that time of your life, emotionally and physically, that you’re also the new kid in town. This was the predicament in which Doug Funnie found himself in Nickelodeon’s half-hour cartoon Doug.

Despite his last name, life was not always humorous for Doug. Being the new kid in town was hard enough, but even worse, school bully Roger Klotz had picked Doug as his prime target. Doug, perpetually clad in a green V-neck sweater vest and brown shorts, was constantly tortured, harassed, and generally humiliated by Roger.

However, Doug had a very active imagination, and with that imagination came an alter ego, Quail Man. The mild-mannered hero appeared when situations got sticky, which happened quite often with Doug. Quail Man was basically Doug wearing his underwear on the outside and a belt around his head, but he was capable of doing great things, things the normal Doug could never do.

Doug’s best friend was the blue-hued, well-liked Skeeter. Despite his peculiar habit of honking before he speaks, Skeeter managed to keep Doug sane. So did Doug’s loyal, multi-talented dog, Porkchop, who lived in a modern doghouse complete with satellite dish and mailbox. Doug’s other friend was also the girl of his dreams, Patti Mayonnaise, a sweet, gifted Southern girl. Unfortunately, Doug was too shy to tell her how he felt.

In 1996, Doug and company moved into a new school and onto a new network with the Saturday morning premiere of ABC's Brand Spanking New Doug. Repeats of original Doug episodes continued to air on Nickelodeon, and in 1999, the shy star got his first movie, appropriately titled Doug’s First Movie.

Through the lessons learned through each episode, Doug helped us get through the all-too-familiar, and all-too-painful experience of being the new kid in town.

Release History

8/11/91 - 10/1/94 Nickelodeon

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Jumbo Pictures, Ellipse Animation, Nickelodeon

Television Cast

Doug Funnie Billy West
Roger Klotz Billie West
Skeeter Valentine Fred Newman
Bud Dink Fred Newman
Grandma Opal Fred Newman
Pattie Mayonnaise Constance Shulman
Judy Funnie Becca Lish
Theda Funnie Becca Lish
Beebe Bluff Alice Playten
Phil Funnie Doug Preis
Lamar Bone Doug Preis
Mr. Bluff Doug Preis
Mayor White Greg Lee

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