The Dudley Do-Right Show

The Dudley Do-Right Show

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Originally just one segment on the hilarious The Bullwinkle Show, the Canadian Mountie soon brought his chin-cleft good looks and high morals to his own program, The Dudley Do-Right Show.

Dudley's main interest, aside from his duties as a mountie, was the fair Nell Fenwick, daughter of his boss, Inspector Ray Fenwick. But alas, Dudley’s love was unrequited. Even though the wavy-haired hero was constantly saving the redhead, she was more in love with Dudley’s horse, Horse, than she was with Dudley. Such bizarre comic fare was the norm for all the Jay Ward shows, including The Bullwinkle Show and George of the Jungle.

Many cartoons parody other genres, but who else but Ward would have thought to take on the melodrama? Every week, Dudley and Horse would free Nell from the clutches of Snidely Whiplash, whose handlebar moustache, long coat, and black top hat recalled the great silent movie villains of yesteryear. Even Snidely's methods of torturing Nell, such as tying her to a railroad track or strapping her to a log-cutting machine, were right out of these melodramatic movies. But somehow Dudley, with his high, modulated voice screaming, “Stop in the name of the law!” always managed to save the day.

Bill Scott was the co-creator of the show, as well as Dudley’s voice, while the voice of Rocky, June Foray, played the damsel-in-distress.

Eventually, the show went off the air, but Dudley's segments could still be seen on Rocky and Bullwinkle. The hero's own program was also rerun in syndication under the title Dudley Do-Right and His Friends. In 1999, the show got the live-action treatment in the feature Dudley Do-Right, starring Brendan Fraser as the title mountie.

Release History

4/27/69 - 9/6/70 ABC

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TV Studio

Jay Ward

Television Cast

Dudley Do-Right Bill Scott
Nell Fenwick June Foray
Snidely Whiplash Hans Conreid
Inspector Ray Fenwick Paul Frees
Narrator Paul Frees

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