Dusty's Treehouse

Dusty's Treehouse

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The kind, gentle side of children's programming found a new home in Dusty's Treehouse. Right from the low-key theme song, kids knew they were in for a sweet-natured treat, courtesy of host Stu "Dusty" Rosen.

Together with the Tony Urbano and Company Puppets—Maxine the Crow, Stanley Spider, and Sooter Squirrel—Dusty took kids on adventures in learning and good behavior. Each episode contained skits and songs, as well as a trip aboard Dusty's hot air balloon, usually to visit a factory of some sort to see how things are made.

Originating on Los Angeles' KNXT-TV, the show aired for ten years (two in national syndication), winning the coveted Peabody Award in 1973. In 1980, fledgling cable network Nickelodeon bought the rights to rebroadcast the show, introducing even more kids to Dusty's charming home and friends.

Release History

2/70 - 2/80 KNXT-TV/syndication
1980 - 1984 Nickelodeon

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TV Studio

KNXT, Sagen Arts

Television Cast

Dusty Stu Rosen
Maxine the Crow Tony Urbano pupeteers
Stanley Spider Tony Urbano pupeteers
Scooter Squirrel Tony Urbano pupeteers

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