Denver the Last Dinosaur

Denver the Last Dinosaur

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“One, two, three, four!
Denver, the Last Dinosaur,
He’s my friend and a whole lot more!”

With his guitar, sunglasses and rock ‘n’ roll theme song, Denver was perhaps the hippest dino on the airwaves in 1988 (no offense to any of the Dinosaucers).

Petrified back in the Paleozoic, Denver was released from his dino egg by a group of multiracial modern California teens—Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally and Casey, along with tagalong little sister Heather. The kids taught Denver the finer points of skateboarding and other Gen X pastimes while protecting him from concert promoter Morton Fizzback. The greedy sleazeball was looking to cash in on Denver’s status to make a quick buck, but the kids were always one step ahead.

With lessons on conservation, ecology and friendship, Denver, the Last Dinosaur was a big hit with parents and educators. The kids at home liked it, too, making the show a dino-sized hit during its initial run.

But like all things prehistoric, Denver couldn't last forever. The dinosaur boom that had followed The Land Before Time soon fizzled out, and Denver, the Last Dinosaur went into reruns after only one season.

Release History

1988 - ? syndicated

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Calico, World Events Production

Television Cast

Denver Pat Fraley
Mario Cam Clarke
Shades Cam Clarke
Jeremy Adam Carl
Wally Adam Carl
Casey Kath Soucie
Heather Kath Soucie
Morton Fizzback Brian Cummings
Professor Funt Brian Cummings
Chet Rob Paulsen
Motley Rob Paulsen

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