Digimon: Digital Monsters

Digimon: Digital Monsters

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

"Digimon: Digital Monsters,
Digimons are the champions!"

In the seventies, there were Pet Rocks. The nineties brought "Virtual Pets," digital keychain animals like Tamagotchi and Gigapet. While the fad lasted, we were chained to our little digital monsters, dutifully feeding them, playing with them and serving at their beck and call. At the close of the decade, the Saturday morning series Digimon: Digital Monsters took the craze one step further, animating the little digital pets to fight one another.

When the Pokémon craze hit in the late 90's, every kids' TV producer took notice. Companies scrambled to import similar shows from Japan, and Saban found a winner in Toei's Digimon. The new show featured "Digital Monsters" that morphed into different, bigger incarnations as they evolved. And like Pokémon, each Digimon developed different skills and quirks as it grew, passing through levels from In-Training to Rookie to Champion to Ultimate to Mega and beyond.

In the series, seven kids—courageous Tai, tomboy Sora, rebellious Matt, insecure Joe, air-headed Mimi, the baby T.K. and computer whiz Izzy—were mysteriously transported to Digi-World and befriended by strange talking creatures called digimon (short for "digital monsters"). The little digi-critters hoped to "digivolve" into bigger digimon to defeat the evil Kuwaggomon, Devimon, Etemon and others. Now stuck in this bizarre world, the kids each teamed up with a digimon partner from each level in order to defeat the evil digmon. While the various digimon battled one another to save Digi-World from evil, the kids worked to find a way to get back to the human world.

TK and Kari stuck around for the show's second season, but a new group of kids entered the Digi-World as well: Davis, Yuli, Cody and Ken. Naturally, new digimon and new digivolutions awaited as well. Still airing on Fox's Saturday morning schedule, Digimon is a weekly cartoon reminder that everything in our world is going digital—even little monsters.

Release History

1999 - ? Fox

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Saban/ Toei

Television Cast

Tai Joshua Seth
Pabumon Joshua Seth
Motimon  Joshua Seth
Sora Takenouchi  Colleen O'Shaughnessy
Matt Michael Reisz
Mimi  Philece Sampler
Izzy Mona Marshall
T.K.  Wendee Lee
Voices Tifany Christun
Voices Mari Devon
Voices Tom Fahn
Voices Anna Gardund
Voices R. Martin Klein
Voices Jeff Nimoy
Voices Laura Summer
Voices Kirk Thornton

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