Davey and Goliath

Davey and Goliath

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Brought to you by the makers of Gumby and the Lutheran Church of America, Davey and Goliath taught morals and good will to young viewers everywhere.

The show centered on Davey Hansen, a typical 10-year old kid living in Anywhere, U.S.A. The inquisitive Davey often conversed with his dog, Goliath, who acted as the boy’s conscience. Naturally, Davey was the only one who could speak with the canine. Each of them would ask each other questions, answering them in an easy-to-understand manner, so that the audience would learn along with the characters.

Despite his all-around goodness, Davey would often get into trouble, which would inevitably lead him to learn a lesson. Favorite lessons included the importance of civic duty, issues of morality, and the presence of God.

Davey’s younger sister, Sally, also had a penchance for trouble, which would allow Mom and Dad—clay counterparts to the Cleavers, Bradys, and Nelsons—to do their share of preaching.

In a decision quite progressive for its time, Davey’s best friend was a black boy named Jonathan Reed. The friends’ difference in race was never made an issue, except in one particular episode, “Different,” which dealt specifically with the lesson of tolerance.

Davey’s other friends included the paranoid Jimmy and Teddy, the new shy boy with glasses who was afraid of dogs, including Goliath. As the show progressed, however, even these two learned how to get along.

There were sixty-five original 15-minute episodes and several 30-minute specials made as late as 1977. Perhaps the most memorable element of the show was Goliath’s oft-repeated, deep-voiced, cautionary phrase, "But Daaavey.”

Release History

Syndicated: 1960

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TV Studio

Art Clokey Productions

Television Cast

Davey Hansen Norma McMillan
Goliath Hal Smith
Sally Unknown
Mom Unknown
Dad Unknown
Jonathon Reed Unknown
Jimmy Unknown
Teddy Unknown

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