Drawing Power

Drawing Power

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

In an effort to create more learning-friendly shows for kids, NBC gave us Drawing Power. Created by the same folks who developed the ever-popular Schoolhouse Rock, the show was meant to help kids develop their creative side by teaching them to draw. Obviously the kids were interested in animation, since they were already watching cartoons, so Drawing Power taught the kids how to make their own cartoons.The show blended animation with live-action by using three hosts who acted as cartoonist mentors for the kids at home. Kari was the attractive young girl, Lenny was the crazy, unpredictable nut and Pop was the kindly, old animator who taught kids to draw their cartoons "with a conscience.” A popular character of the animated shorts was Dewey Decimal, who advocated the patronage of the public library. Other cartoons concerned good manners, positive study habits and all-around good citizenship.While not as popular as Schoolhouse Rock, Drawing Power was a noble effort to teach kids something besides which action figure could kick which other action figure's tail.

Release History

10/11/80 - 5/16/81 NBC

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TV Studio

Newall & Yohe

TV Cast

Pop Bob Kaliban
Lenny Lenny Schultz
Kari Kari Page

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