DoDo - The Kid From Outer Space

DoDo - The Kid From Outer Space

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

As the title suggests, young DoDo was a child who came from outer space, namely the planet Hena Hydro. DoDo and his pet, Company, spent their days encountering different earthlings and learning their “strange” earth ways. Along to assist the kid was one of Hena Hydro’s foremost researchers, Professor Fingers.

DoDo-The Kid from Outer Space was produced by the British company Halas & Batchelor, the same animators who brought George Orwell’s Animal Farm to life in the 1950's. In many ways the series resembled such Japanese cartoons as The Amazing Three, an animation style that was very popular at the time.

Released into syndication in 1965, the show gained its greatest U.S. exposure during a three-year run on many NBC affiliates, from 1966-69.

Release History

9/10/66 - 8/30/69 syndicated
Syndicated: 1965

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TV Studio

Halas & Batchelor

Television Cast

DoDo - The Kid From Outer Space  Frank Freda
Miss Minerva Suzanne Turner
Voices Allen Swift

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