Dragon Flyz

Dragon Flyz

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

Post-apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy combined in the syndicated Dragon Flyz, creating a world of floating cities, mutants, and intelligent dragons.

In the 41st century, the earth was ravaged by nuclear war, forcing the humans to flee to the airborne city of Airlandis for safety. To keep Airlandis afloat, the citizens had to maintain a supply of magic energy crystals. Unfortunately, these crystals were the only source of power left on earth, so everyone and his mutant brother was after them.

Airlandis’ sworn protectors were three brothers and one sister, known as the Dragon Flyz: Z’neth, Summit, Peak, and Apex. The four siblings had wings of their own, but for extra firepower, they rode on powerful dragons. Down on earth, the sinister Dread Wing marshaled the forces of evil to destroy Airlandis and raid its crystal supplies.

Dragon Flyz was based on the Galoob toy line of the same name, which featured action figures that could actually launch into the air and float down, helicopter-style (similar to the same company’s Sky Dancers toys). Like most other toy-related cartoons, this show’s fortunes rose and fell with its plastic counterpart. When sales of the Dragon Flyz figures didn’t meet expectations, the animated series was cancelled, leaving fans with only 26 episodes of memories.

Release History

Syndicated: 1996

TV Sub Categories


TV Studio

Abrams Gentile, Gaumont

Television Cast

Voices T.J. Benjamin
Voices Saul Bernstein
Voices Thomas Cannizzaro
Voices Donna Daley
Voices Jonathan Kahn
Voices Don Mayo
Voices James Michael
Voices K.C. Noel

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