The Drak Pack

The Drak Pack

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

The Drak Pack was made up of the teen-age descendants of Hollywood’s most popular monsters. Drak Jr. (a vampire), Frankie (a Frankenstein’s monster) and Howler (a wolfman) formed a crimefighting squad in order to atone for their forefathers' misdeeds against humanity. To show that the teens had the blessing of the previous monsters, they usually received their assignments from Drak's great-grandfather, Dracula himself (known as Big D to the Pack).

The gang's nemesis was the evil Dr. Dred, who from his flying "Dredgible" would hatch many an evil scheme. Together with assistants Vampira, Mummy Man, Toad, and Fly, Dred ran a syndicate known as O.G.R.E., the Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises. In order to defeat O.G.R.E., the Drak Packers would clasp their hands together and shout, "Wacko!," a secret word which gave the teens the super powers necessary to defeat even the rottenest foe.

The Drak Pack owed much of its creation to The Munsters and The Monster Squad, but it had a certain hipness that caught the eyes of some viewers. Because the monsters were teens, young horror fans were able to identify with the characters who had been scaring them their whole lives. Unfortunately, due to stiff competition from the other networks, The Drak Pack was cancelled after one season.

Release History

09/06/80 - 09/05/81 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Drak Jr.* Jerry Dexter
Frankie Bill Callaway
Howler Bill Callaway
Dracula Alan Oppenheimer
Dr. Dred Hans Conreid
Vampira Julie McWhirter
Mummy Man Chuck McCann
Toad Bill Callaway
Fly Bill Callaway

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