The Dukes

The Dukes

Synopsis of Saturday Morning Show

“Just a couple-a’ hard-drivin’ roughnecks, down Hazzard County way…”

Yessir, them Good Ol’ Boys from CBS’ insanely popular The Dukes of Hazzard came to Saturday morning in 1983. Actually, original Good Ol’ Boys Bo (John Schneider) and Luke (Tom Wopat) were too busy fussin’ and a-feudin’ with the powers that be to voice their animated characters. So as on the primetime show, they were replaced by Good Ol’ Cousins Vance (Christopher Mayer) and Coy (Byron Cherry). Catherine Bach (Daisy), Denver Pyle (Uncle Jesse), Sorrell Booke (Boss Hogg), and James Best (Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane) all provided the voices for their cartoon counterparts. Coltrane’s hound dog Flash was finally given a bark of his own by Frank Welker, who also did the honors for new addition Smokey the raccoon. Fences were mended later that year, and Bo and Luke rejoined the family both in live action and cartoon form.

The race and chase formula of the primetime series was expanded into a round-the-world race, with the Duke Boys trying to win enough money to pay off Boss Hogg’s mortgage on the Duke home. Naturally, Boss Hogg was perpetually a-schemin’ to sabotage the race, but the General Lee always managed to outrun Hogg’s Texas longhorn Caddy.

“Whooo-ooooey, we’re gonna have some fun!”

Release History

2/5/83 - 11/5/83 CBS

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TV Studio


Television Cast

Bo Duke John Schneider
Luke Duke Tom Wopat
Boss Hogg Sorrell Booke
Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane James Best
Vance Duke Christopher Mayer
Coy Duke Byron Cherry
Daisy Duke Catherine Bach
Uncle Jesse Denver Pyle
Flash Frank Welker
Smokey Frank Welker
General Lee Frank Welker

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