Bobbie Brooks

Bobbie Brooks

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“Little ditty about Jack and Diane, two kids growing up in the heartland...dribble off those Bobbie Brooks, let me do what I please...”

Most kids growing up to John Cougar in the 80’s didn’t know what Bobbie Brooks were (although they understood they must be something that prohibits fun), but their parents knew only too well what Mr. Cougar was singing about. Bobbie Brooks sportswear was the only thing standing in the way between a girl and her reputation.

Traditional woman's wear manufacturer Bobbie Brooks got a makeover when Maurice Saltzman, president of the Bobbie Brooks clothing company, realized that not all girls wanted to look like their mothers. He joined the growing trend of ‘Junior’ clothing lines turning up across the nation that catered to young girls and their unique sense of style.

Made in colorful prints, snappy styled and affordable fabrics, Bobbie Brooks was the label for suburban girls across the country during the 50’s, 60’s and into the 70's. Girls had their own money, earned from babysitting or other odd jobs, and owning Bobbie Brooks was a goal any girl could achieve. These were your clothes, not your mothers, and Bobbie Brooks finally allowed you to express your individuality (definitely NOT your parents’ style). Bobbie Brooks were sassy, sexy, and all yours.

Saltzman knew he had a good opportunity when he discovered that young girls "…like to dress alike and shop in packs," and so he created the first label lust hysteria of the teenage world. And as Mr. Cougar sang, Saltzman also created a generation of frustrated teenage boys who had to go through Bobbie to get to you.

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Bobbie Brooks

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