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The Bedazzler let the funk out!

So you wanted to be a disco diva, but you were to young to get out on that dance floor and strut your stuff? Pout no more…you could be the disco queen of the playground with your star-studded, Bedazzled threads. Just don’t blind your fellow playmates with the reflective glare of your denim flares.

The Bedazzler was an outrageous craft machine that allowed you to spangle all your own wear with metallic studs and glittery rhinestones. The oversized stapler featured an arm lever that was pushed down into a hollowed-out plate, in which a metal-pronged stud waited to pierce through fabric. Much in the same way a stapler works with pieces of paper, the Bedazzler waited for a jeans pocket or a t-shirt to be slipped under the arm. The pressure of the lever punched the studs or rhinestones through the cloth, folding the prongs over to hold the studs fast.

The Bedazzler promised sparkly, spangly denim jeans, jackets, vests, skirts, and even purses. Anything that you could fit under the Bedazzler lever was fair game for the disco ball effect of studding. So go ahead and be your own rock star—with the bedazzler, it was a snap.

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