Bolo ties

Bolo ties

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The 1980 movie Urban Cowboy, starring John Travolta and Debra Winger, influenced ‘city-folk’ to try on the look of cowboy boots, fringed leather jackets, chambrey shirts, cowboy hats and bolo ties. While some opted for the complete ensemble look, most took a piece or two to add to their current wardrobe, and bolo ties were the easiest to lasso to the current fashions in your closet.

Bolo ties were nothing more than a skinny rope of leather worn like a lariat, draped around your neck and held together in the center with a fancy clip. The clips ranged from turquoise stones to steer heads to eagles, or any other ‘western’ influence that could be proudly displayed. This leather tie was as fancy as cowboys were willing to get in dressing up their duds.

New Romantics tried on the pseudo cowboy look when they added the bolo tie to their wardrobe of vintage sportcoats and Edwardian collared shirts. Duckie (Jon Cryer) from the 1986 John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink exemplified the look as the 80’s bolo wearing babe. Cowgirls were never the same.

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