Braids (Bo Derek)

Braids (Bo Derek)

Fashion Synopsis

If Bo Derek could look that good—in fact, look like a ‘10’—then maybe those crazy braids would do the same for me! The bombshell beauty starred in the 1979 movie 10, jogging along the beaches of Acapulco, beaded cornrow braids gently swinging from her head. That sexy scene soon became immortalized, and girls everywhere were dying to have the braided look.

While African-American girls had been braiding their hair for ages, it wasn't accepted as a white hairstyle. Things changed after that movie, and girls of all races spent countless hours braiding each other’s hair. But as most girls came to realize, it wasn’t the braids that made Derek a ‘10.’ At least you felt exotic for a couple of days, or until your head started hurting and you spent just as many hours taking them out.

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