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The Buf-Puf was a cosmetic rite of passage somewhere between Tinkerbell, LipSmackers, Love's Baby Soft and Jean Nate' body splash. The peachy colored package, the concept that your skin needed help to maintain its cherubic perfection, it was all so...adult. The day you first swirled the circular puff around your face was a day you desperately waited for.

A tightly jumbled mass of scratchy fibers, Buf-Puf’s exfoliating qualities saved sickly skin by sloughing off the dead skin cells. Before the cosmetics craze exploded in the 90’s, women had very few options to pamper their skin. The Buff Puff was a miraculous creation that helped to lather up soapy suds, clean the face, and keep it glowing.

Although not nearly as enticing as all the bottles, boxes and tubes in mom’s cabinet, the puff offered a little hint of all the delightful accoutrements that adulthood had waiting. A Buf-Puf, a little dab of Arpel apricot seed cleanser, and you were ready for all the glorious things to come.

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