Belt buckles w/ logos

Belt buckles w/ logos

Fashion Synopsis

Say it loud, say it proud: Keep on Truckin’.

As fashion merged into one unanimous look in the 70's (denim flares and decal tees), people needed a way to identify themselves in the crowd and find solidarity with others of their kind. Did you listen to KISS or Styx? Drink Miller or Pabst? Were you a Yankee or a Dixie? Your badge of pride, or your scarlet ‘A,’ was a huge metal belt buckle, displayed front and center.

At a time of tucking t-shirts into skintight jeans, the belt buckle was a focal point. Borrowed from truckers, the larger than life brown leather belts and metal buckles were necessary to compete with the blinding boldness of plaids, or the wide legs of denim flares. Beer companies, rock bands, patriotic emblems, confederate flags: no one would question your loyalty when this advertisement shone brightly in the sun at the local carnival or stadium concert.

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