Bee Gee hair

Bee Gee hair

Fashion Synopsis

Those sexy brothers known as the Bee Gees were the undisputed kings of the disco scene, and their luxurious locks were as striking and infectious as their grooves.

Men were free to flaunt their manes like never before, as Bee Gee hair became the male version of Farrah Fawcett’s wings. A brush in the back pocket, a bottle of Aqua Net, and a careful hand were the only requirements for the Bee Gee style. Oh, and a mass of long hair that could be brushed back for the perfect lion's mane of feathered manliness.

Boys spent as much time in the bathroom as their sisters did, and this caused problems like never before. In single-hair-dryer households, you had to get up pretty early to get into the bathroom first. Having enough prep time was the biggest worry for those teenage years, even more important than getting your Sergios zipped up.

Solo brother Andy, while not an official Bee Gee, was still a brother Gibb, so he still gets included in the mix with Maurice, Robin and Barry. In fact, Andy’s flirty, feathered do may have been the most impressive of the bunch for sexy style, but Barry’s lion-like mane was still the king, simply because of its sheer ferocity.

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