Baseball jersey shirts

Baseball jersey shirts

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Hey batter batter batter…Hey batter batter batter, SUH-WING!

While the taunts from sidelines would make your hands sweaty, wearing your baseball jersey gave you confidence. No matter how bad they teased, or how bad your knees were knocking waiting for that ball to come speeding down the flight path, you belonged behind that base. You had on a jersey, didn’t you?

America’s favorite pastime inspired one of the most beloved t-shirt styles of the 70’s. The baseball jersey differed from the traditional tee, sporting a raglan sleeve style that attached to the shirt in a diagonal manner from the neckline. This unique construction was made all the more bold with sleeves of a different color. The hem was rounded, scooped up on the sides, instead of straight all the way around. Some had traditional player numbers, while others featured iron-on patches with clever sayings like “Keep on Truckin’” and “Sit on It.” But whether on the softball mound or simply hanging around the neighborhood, the baseball jersey was always way cool.

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