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“Sports outfits for the little fellow”

It was every boy’s favorite place for clothes: join us down in Boyville for all of your school time and playtime needs. In the 40’s, the only place to shop was Sears, and the only label was Boyville and Boyville Jr. A land dedicated to boys and their clothing needs, Boyville dressed you up and dressed you down.

Dad was off to war, and you were the little man of the house. Boyville let you be just that in miniature versions of Dad’s military uniforms: you could emulate Dad in kid-scaled Aviator, Admiral, Marine and Sailor uniforms. You were even protected from the nasty weather in your Jr. Commando raincoat. Girls even got into the action with a ‘Jr. Wave’ navy uniform or ‘Jr. WAAC,’ for all the little ladies committed to the war cause.

In your role as little man, when you took mom out on the town for a soda, you looked absolutely dapper in just-like-Dad Boyville suit or snappy slacks and sportcoat. The civilian duds also came in handy after the war, as Boyville continued to rule through the 1950's.

Boyville Jr., for the youngest boys, made the finest in knicker suits. A knicker suit was a suit in training, featuring a short pant instead of a ‘longie’ full-length pant. It was never too early to look sharp and debonair, and Boyville made it easy.

Boyville wasn’t all work and no play, though. The label offered overalls for after school playtime wear, fantasy-themed pajamas, and college prep casual gear. Whatever the occasion, Boyville was the place for you.

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