Blazers, oversized

Blazers, oversized

Fashion Synopsis

A popular component of the Euro-prep look, oversized blazers were paired with shorts, mini-skirts and jeans, but rarely with the acceptable dress pant of yesteryear. Blazers had always been a conservative choice for dressing, but the 80’s mixed it up and turned the blazer into a radical fashion statement. Big and baggy, with enormous shoulder pads, or batwing-like dolman sleeves, blazers worked equally well for the street, school or the prom.

The blazer, in so many different colors and patterns, had several stylistic looks, depending on what it was paired with. Guys preferred the traditional blazer over a t-shirt and jeans look, while those more fashion savvy tried the linen look of Miami Vice. Preppies, both boys and girls, wore the blazer over Izod shirts, a pair of freshly ironed shorts, slouch socks and penny loafers. The wild girls wore men’s blazers over bustiers and jazzed up the look, Cyndi Lauper-style, with mounds of costume jewelry and rolled sleeves to expose their bangle bracelets. Molly Ringwold was especially lovely in the John Hughes teen classic Pretty in Pink, sporting a Victorian chic look of blazers adorned with broaches, worn with pink floral skirts, piles of pearls, floral ribbon-trimmed hats and pointy-toed pumps with shoe bows.

Whatever the mood, a blazer was sure to fit your style. Just make sure it was long enough so that you could roll up the sleeves to expose your bangle bracelets or Swatch watches.

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