Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets

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You weren't really 80's unless you had stacks of bracelets piled up on your arms, Slinky-style, like pop icons Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. You could wear a mesh belly shirt, fingerless lace gloves, and pink pumps with frilly socks, but if you didn't have armfuls of plastic bracelets...well, you just didn't get into the 80's groove.

The ultimate 80's accessory was bracelets galore: stacked up the arm sky-high (or at least to the elbows), they clacked and clanked as the girls walked, danced, or raised their arms in class. A constant cacophony of bracelets banging against each other drove parents and teachers crazy, but sometimes you must suffer for fashion.

This collection of cheap costume jewelry scoured from mom’s jewelry drawer or the local thrift store was soon packaged and marketed to the teenager as bangle bracelets. Usually cheap but colorful, plastic or metal, the bracelets were packaged in multiples for the best acoustical challenge. And one pack was never enough.

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