1 2 3 Go

Program: “1 2 3 Go!” – Children’s tv travelogue
Network: NBC TV Network
Sunday evenings: Sunday 10/8/1961- Sunday 5/27/1962
Hosts/Narrators/Interviewers: Jack Lescoulie and Richard Thomas.

On Sunday evening October 8,1961..NBC TV aired the children’s travelogue:”1 2 3 Go!”, the series had two people: “The Today Show’s” resident sportscaster: Jack Lescoulie and kid actor and dancer : Richard Thomas (Who would later go onto greater TV fame as “John Boy Walton” on “The Waltons”on CBS TV a decade later) go on trips to many interesting and exciting locales.
1 2 3 Go a 1960 NBC TV program with Jack Lescoulie and Richard Thomas.
On one show..the pair visited NYC’s fire boats division..on another program, they went to England and took part in a recreation of a joust and the pair went to see a haunted house in Long Island,New York with NYC TV’s resident horror movie host/performer: John Zacherle(y)serving as tour guide.


The pair even visited US Attorney Gen.Robert F.Kennedy and Supreme Court Justice : William O.Douglas.

Unfortunatley, the series aired Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 7:00 P.M., hence it was unable to gain an audience.

NBC TV ended Lescoulie’s and Thomas’s treks following the Sunday May 27,1962 broadcast.

The concept was revived years later as “Go!” on NBC TV’s Saturday mornings schedule, with different hosts serving as the program’s tour guide.

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