Let’s Take A Trip

“Let’s Take A Trip!” review by Kevin Butler

CBS TV Network
Sunday Afternoons: Sunday April 17,1955-Sunday February 23,1958
Host/Narrator/Interviewer:Sonny Fox
Co-Hosts: Ginger MacManus & Brian(“Pud”)
Flannagan(1955-57), Joan Terrance & Jimmy Walsh (1957-58)

After hosting “The Finder”for Educational TV station KCET TV Ch.9 in St.Louis, Mo. for six months.Sonny Fox was invited by one of the producers of The CBS TV Network to host a simular children’s tv news magazine and travelogue.

Let's Take A Trip

Let's Take A Trip with Sonny Fox - CBS Network

Let’s Take A Trip Details

He accepted the offer and he returned to NYC to talk with the network’s head of the public affairs department..Irving Gittlen.

Gittlen had acquired a kinnie film of one of Fox’ programs ..where he took his viewers on a trek to The Lindberg museum and after watching the episode he felt that Fox had the talent and sincre personality to mc the network’s kids tv show.


He was hire and “Let’s Take A Trip”debuted on The CBS TV Network on Sunday afternoon April 17,1955.

Every week Sonny and his two young traveling companions Ms.Ginger Macmanus and Mr.Brian(“Pud”)Flannagan would take their viewers on trips to such locales as”The American Ballet Theater Co.”..where they would meet and discuss dance techniques with the famous choreographer:George Ballenchine, Attened the 1955 “Toy Fair”,join in a Boy Scouts Jamboree and even meet President Harry S.Truman.

Let’s Take A Trip grows in popularity

The show became very popular with young viewers and it was also praised by parents and teachers.However..by 1957..Fox would have to hire two new traveling companions.

Ms.MacManus had outgrown her role and she was forced to leave the program..instead of hiring one new young traveling companion.

The producers replaced both MacManus and Flannagan with Joan Terrance and Jimmy Walsh.

The trio continued to take their viewers on more video treks..until the network execs decided to cancell their reservations following the Sunday February 23,1958 broadcast.

Ginger MacManus would mc one more children’s tv series..when on Monday evening September 15,1958, she became the first host/peformer of WOR TV Ch.9 NYC’s”Looney Tunes Show”. Which she would mc weekday evenings..until she left the show following the Friday January 9,1959 broadcast.And she was replaced Monday evening January 12,1959 by Paul Tripp

Sonny Fox would go onto briefly serve as the mc of the prime time tv game show “The $64,000 Challange” and then..he would go onto greater tv fame as the fourth and most memorable host of WABD/ WNEW TV Ch.5 NYC’s sunday morning kids tv variety show “Wonderama!”.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Trip

  1. Dear Macy,

    I wasn’t born..when”Let’s Take A Trip”first aired on CBS TV.


    I did see a rare kinnie film of the show at The Museum Of TV & Radio(now known as The Paley Center For Media in NYC)years ago.

    On that show..Sonny Fox and his first two young traveling companions:Ms.MacManus and Mr.Flannagan visited Mr.George Ballanchine’s”American Ballet Theater”and they and the viewers learned about dance techniques and the history of the ballet.

    Thanks for your reply and
    Thanks for remembering:”Let’s Take A Trip”,

    Yours Truly,

    Kevin Butler.

  2. I’ve just found out that Sonny Fox has just published his memoirs and they will be sold next month on 9/15/12.

    The book:titled”But You Made The Front Page?:Wonderama,Wars And A Whole Bunch
    Of Life!”will be available at Barnes & Noble in
    The USA.

  3. Sonny Fox’ memoirs”But? You Made The Front Page:Wonderama,Wars And A Whole Bunch Of Life!”is now available at Barnes & Noble and at Amazon.Com

  4. I enjoyed the brief reminiscing since I am Jimmy Walsh, now and for a long time known as Jim Walsh. It was a great show but it was unsponsored (not uncommon then) and produced as a part of CBS News.

    Live TV with 1950s technology at its best. Studio cameras and heavy cable. Mikes with thin wire antennae that went down your leg and pinned to your sock. Great memories including Harry Truman, Jimmy Stewart, Jacques Lipchitz and others.

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