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On The Carousel! reviewed by Kevin Butler

In 1953..The CBS TV Network created and produced the very first tv news magazine for kids “On The Carousel!”.

Seen saturday mornings on The CBS TV Network beginng on December 5,1953..The series featured craftmaking,scientific projects, history, dance lessons, musical performances,world events etc.presented by junior high school and high school classes.

On The Carousel - TV's Saturday morning show

"On The Carousel!" remained on CBS TV's Saturday morning schedule until 1959

The first host/narrator and insrtructor of the program was radio and tv broadcaster: Allen Ludden (who would go onto greater fame a decade later as the host of the popular tv game shows:”G.E.Collage Bowl”and “Password”)..Mr.Ludden would host the show from it’s first show ..until he left the program following the Saturday May 29,1954 telecast.


Paul & Ruth Tripp would succeed Mr.Ludden as the second and last hosts/performers/intructors of “On The Carousel” beginning on Saturday June 5,1954.

Unlike Ludden..The Tripps were able to share in the fun and learning of the projects that the young in studio guests presented on the show and they also created and presented their own original project…A live musical version of “Tubby The Tuba”..which aired on October 2,1954.

Two of the regulars from the Tripps pioneering educational kids tv show”Mr.I Magination!”:Ted Tiller and Ray Carter also appeared on the show..becoming involved with the program’s many concepts.

“On The Carousel!”became a hit with the young viewers and in 1957..the series would share The 1957 NYC Emmy Award for “The
Best Children’s TV Series”with WRCA TV Ch.4’s”Children’s Theater” (“Children’s Theater”was hosted by Ray Forrest).

“On The Carousel!”would remain on CBS TV’s Saturday morning schedule..until the network heads ended the merry go round ride following the saturday September 26, 1959 broadcast.

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  1. In 1958 or 1959 The Basketball team of the then High School of Commerce was aired on the Carousel. Can you tell me if I can see that episode.

  2. A performance of “Tina the Ballerina” also appeared during the run of the series. If any videos are available it would be wonderful to have access.

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