The Shirley Temple Show

“The Shirley Temple Theater” / “The Shirley Temple Storybook” / “The Shirley Temple Show”

ABC/NBC TV Networks January 12,1958 to 1961.

Host/Performer/Narrator: Mrs.Shirley Temple Black.

Mrs.Black hosted this family anthology series..where she would introduce specially produced tv adaptations of popular children’s stories that featured well known performers..playing the characters.

More often than not..Mrs.Black would also perform in certain instalments of the show:”The Land Of Oz” as”Tip”/”Princess Ozma”,”Winnie The Pooh” as the mother of “Christopher Robin” and “Babes In Toyland” as “Floretta The Gypsy Witch”.(Mrs.Black’s three kids:Daughters Susan and Lori and son Charles Black,Jr. also appeared with their famous mom on the show).


The Shirley Temple Storybook

During it’s early run on The ABC TV Network..the series was titled”The Shirley Temple Theater”..the series titled would later change to”The Shirley Temple Storybook”.ABC TV dropped the show in 1960 and the program moved to The NBC TV Network..where the series titled was changed one more time to”The Shirley Temple Show”..the series remained on the air..until the heads of NBC TV closed Mrs.Black’s storybook in 1961.

Episodes from the series run on NBC TV has been re-released on the home video market..first on VHS Videocassettes and later on DVD.

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